Additional Services

Mergers & Acquisitions HR Support

Mergers & Aquisitions Support - Acuity HR Solutions - HR Consulting - Winnipeg - Manitoba

Transitions associated with mergers and acquisitions are delicate and often difficult, but can be handled effectively with proper planning, execution and communication.  We are experienced in guiding our clients through transitions, including organizational transactions.

Out team has extensive M&A transition experience and has assisted many clients through the process acquisition of firms into their existing structure.  In addition to helping re-balance the organizational structure and responsibilities, we also provide expertise in building HR bench strength to support immediate efficiency and future growth opportunities.

Performance Management

Performance Management is often critiqued and negatively perceived by employees.  But when executed properly, performance management becomes a key strategy for leaders to manage and motivate their teams.

Performance Management - Acuity HR Solutions - Winnipeg HR Consulting FirmA strong performance management program should be:

  • Aligned with Organizational Objectives
  • Clarify Individual Expectations
  • Simple, Meaningful and Effective

…otherwise it can cause more harm than good.

Compensation Reviews

At Acuity, we know how to help analyze and interpret market data and apply this to the unique needs of your organization.

Compensation Reviews - Acuity HR Solutions – HR Consulting Firm WinnipegThere are a number of competing factors when it comes to developing an effective compensation structure. By understanding your compensation philosophy, we will work with you to evaluate the current delivery of your compensation plan.  This includes an evaluation of cost effectiveness, market competitiveness, and incentive structure.

At the executive level, we are skilled in evaluating complex compensation packages which take into consideration variable compensation, including ownership provisions.