On-site & Outsourced HR Support

Every organization has HR needs

Whether on a term basis, permanent part-time, or even during times of transition, outsourcing your formal HR delivery can be an effective approach to managing your Human Resources needs without incurring overhead cost.

On-Site HR Support - Acuity HR Solutions – HR Consulting Firm WinnipegEvery organization has HR needs, however many organizations simply don’t have the size, resources or inclination to add an overhead cost like an HR department, or an HR professional.

So how do you ensure you’re not only following the rules, but are managing your people in a way that benefits your team, and ultimately your organization?  If (and when) a difficult situation needs to be resolved, what safety net do you have to support your team?  What resources are in your back pocket to help you move forward?

Partnering with Acuity

Partnering with Acuity is an excellent way to gain expertise that is typically unavailable for smaller to mid-sized organizations.

Our team has led the HR function in a variety of different industries and are able to bring solutions and perspectives that are not only valuable to your organization but can be effectively implemented.