In many organizations, a new form of “business as usual” has begun. People have started to work remotely and as a result may have gaps in their day or a reduced workflow.
We are offering access to the entire Intentional Leadership Program online (regularly $189) for a special rate of $49 with coupon code!
We want to help you keep building your business with access to meaningful professional development during these complicated times.


Strong leaders make stronger organizations. Intentional Leadership is the most effective online leadership program that you can access on your own schedule. The high quality content in this program is designed specifically for people leaders and HR professionals at all levels in any industry. Learn how to bring out greatness in your team!
Module 1: The Intentional Leader
Module 2: Building Commitment
Module 3: Feedback to Move Forward
Module 4: Giving Recognition
Module 5: Leading Individuals
Module 6: Practising Intentional Leadership

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