We use human resources strategies to strengthen organizations


A strong HR foundation helps organizations mitigate risk, eliminate redundancy and increase consistency. Think about what you could do each day with more time to focus on engaging employees and building a strong culture.

Policies & Employee Handbooks

External HR Reviews

Workplace Assessment

Additional Services

  • Employment Contracts
  • Organizational Design and Development
  • Workplace and Harassment Investigations
  • CEO / Executive Director Review
  • Performance Management
  • Outsourced HR Support
  • Customized Salary Surveys

Policies & Employee Handbooks

Creating effective policies takes time and expertise to get it right.  We have yet to come across a leader who loves writing policies and employee handbooks, but fortunately we do!

Employee Handbooks are a complete resource for people practices that minimize confusion and the time managers spend answering questions. Our employee handbooks provide clarity and are a source of consistent information that are customized to reflect an organization’s culture.

We write policies that resonate with employees and supports leadership goals and organizational direction. Our approach ensures policies are crafted in a way that is simple to understand while still being legislatively compliant and risk mitigating for the organization.

These are some of the basics but there are so many things that can be part of a handbook. It can be daunting to consider what to include, where to put it and what doesn’t fit. Acuity’s experts will guide you through the process and help you make decisions.

Examples of typical components found within an Employee Handbook:

  • Company Culture & Story
  • General Employment Information
    • Probation, reviews, benefits, resignation, concern resolution
  • Standard Hours of Work
    • Hours of work, breaks, overtime, sick time, general holidays, vacation and leaves of absence
  • Respectful Workplace Policies
    • Harassment & discrimination, violence, alcohol & drug
  • Employee Conduct
    • Confidentiality, electronic usage, social media, attendance, corrective action/progressive discipline, intellectual property
  • Any additional procedures or policies unique to your organization

External HR Reviews

The External HR Review is just that – a third-party, external review of your current Human Resource practices and procedures by Chartered Professionals in Human Resources.

Organizations engage in an External HR Review to understand their gaps, further protect their organization, deal with people-related issues and gain insight into best practices and preventative measures. They also gain a proactive approach to HR and their overall culture and environment.

Through this process, our clients achieve:

Cost Savings

Reduced Liability

Best Practices

A Clear Path

How does it work?

In addition to a high-level review of your people leaders, organization’s purpose, and communication effectiveness, we evaluate the following:

  • Your organizational and team structure
  • Recruitment, Staffing & Onboarding
  • Compensation, Benefits & Rewards
  • HR Policies & Practices
  • Training & Development
  • Performance Management
  • Corrective Action & Terminations
  • Harassment and Violence Policies

Through two half-day information gathering sessions, we will review the above, and assess your tools, practices, and policies against legal compliance expectations and risk concerns.

You will gain knowledge about the effectiveness of your current HR delivery throughout the process, have the opportunity to ask questions, and the final result is a full report complete with analysis that sets you up with a true HR roadmap going forward.

Workplace Assessment

Experiencing a problem? Know something is off, but not sure what the core issues are?  Looking to proactively understand how changes or dynamics are affecting the organization?

Our feedback reviews are a way for organizations to better understand current dynamics, culture and concerns.  Through confidential meetings with employees we gather feedback on the overall environment and culture of the organization, or dig into specific issues, to better understand core concerns and organizational opportunities. All feedback is confidential with major themes summarized through a final report that includes recommendations to move forward.