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It takes intention and continuous work to get the fundamentals of engagement right and companies often focus on the wrong things. Employee engagement has very little to do with employees. It is a reflection of leadership in an organization.
The research and studies are clear – engagement is not a fad. It is measurable and it has a significant impact on organizational success.

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Companies in the top quartile of engagement

– Gallup, Inc.


Engagement Indicator Survey

We conduct Engagement Indicator Surveys to benchmark current engagement levels in an organization.

Our process uses a series of short questions in an online survey format that have been proven to measure the core elements needed to attract, focus, and retain your organization’s most talented employees in order to drive results.

Not only do you receive in-depth data on the engagement levels of your organization, but results are also broken down by each people leader with customized Engagement Action Plans.  After the Engagement Indicator Survey we support our clients in improving the level of employee engagement.

Acuity Client: SME with 100 employees

After only six months of working with Acuity HR following their first Engagement Indicator Survey, our client:

  • Increased the number of engaged employees by 26%
  • Decreased the number of disengaged employees by 60%

If you would like to start your engagement journey:

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Intentional People Leadership Training

Our Intentional People Leadership (IPL) training program is a 4-day course that provides leaders with the strategies, practical tools and habits to lead effectively and bring out the very best in their teams.  

There is no responsibility more important in an organization than leading its people. People leaders set the tone, and their actions directly influence the culture of the organization and commitment level of their team.  This 4-day course focuses on training leaders to lead intentionally, creating a culture of commitment and engagement within their team.

IPL equips leaders with specific actionable strategies and tools that they can use with their teams immediately. This course is for anyone who leads people or coaches leaders.

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Delivery methods:

  • Open session format offered 4 times per year (registration open to the public)
  • On-site, closed sessions available for individual clients
The Intentional People Leadership training program has been approved for 26 CPHR Continued Professional Development Hours by CPHR Manitoba.

Leadership Development Coaching

Following an Engagement Indicator or Intentional People Leadership training course, clients have the option to engage in leadership development coaching on an hourly basis.

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