17 Feb

Stand Out! 10 Tips to Impact Your Job Search

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In the last post we discussed the benefits to spending some extra time on your resume to help you stand out. In this post we will tackle the job search process and some common challenges that recruiters often see.

Job Search: Acuity Tips #4 & 5

Job searching has evolved beyond using the newspaper or applying in person through the speed of online applications. We recommend using job boards such as Indeed and even Kijiji, job databases through your school, and recruiter website job boards to optimize your search efforts. Be sure to consider the following in your online job search:

4. Use and maintain a LinkedIn Account. Hiring managers and recruiters often use LinkedIn as a hiring tool to connect candidates with opportunities in all industries. Creating a profile with relevant information about your career opens the door for employers to contact you. It is important to display a professional photo (not a “selfie” or a photo with other people in it) and consider the background you take the photo in front of. Backgrounds that are work relevant or neutral are the best approach as pictures in your bedroom or in your car are not perceived as professional. Profiles that do not contain a photo or have an unprofessional photo are less likely to yield contact from prospective employers or recruiters. Take action by connecting with recruiters who work for companies you are interested in or recruitment firms to broaden your job search. If you are contacted by an employer or recruiter with an opportunity that is not a fit for you, a polite response letting them know you are not interested is always appreciated. You may also want to include information about a role that would be of interest in the event that others become available in the future.

Q: If I work in a trades position or a job that doesn’t involve office work should I be on LinkedIn?

A: Absolutely. Some industries gravitate towards this method of job search more than others so if less people are on LinkedIn in your field that could help you stand out even more as an applicant. Recruiters and prospective employers will also be more likely to contact you even when you are not actively job hunting.

5. Watch out for scams. Certain steps in the recruitment process commonly occur online such as submitting your resume and corresponding with a recruiter. However, the entire process should not be completely online. If a ‘recruiter’ offers a job without an in-person meeting or phone interview and then proceeds to ask for your banking information, you are likely being scammed. Watch out for recruitment scams and only provide your banking information online to trusted sources!

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