17 Jun

Rachel’s Work from Home Efficiency

by Jaysa Toet in Time Management 0 comments

It’s no secret that Rachel has a talent for efficiency and getting through mountains of work! How does she manage this while working from home? Jaysa asked her some questions to find out!

1) What is your routine like?

I’m an early riser, so I like to wake up before Halle (her daughter) and spend some time by myself (drinking coffee, waking up, sometimes exercising, getting ready for the day, etc.). I spend time with Halle getting her ready for the day before I start my work day.

I start my work day by reviewing emails and putting together my daily to-do list. I try to complete the smaller, more immediate items first (i.e. sending invoices, answering emails, etc.). Once they are completed, I tackle larger projects. Every day is different, so I don’t have a set routine for each day, but I know my most productive time is in the morning, so I try to plan the projects that require a lot of focus for that timeframe.


2) What can’t you do without in order to stay productive?

To-Do Lists! Lists help me to save brain space. When I know that what I need to get done is written down, I no longer need to keep track of the things I have to do in my mind. Lists help me to remember what I need to do and focus on the task at hand. I have 2 work to-do lists:

  • The first is an ongoing Google Task list that includes the larger ongoing client / bookkeeping projects and tasks that I have on the go. I also include anything I need to remember to do at a future date.
  • I also write down a daily to-do list every morning before I get my day started. I review emails and my larger to-do list to determine what I will tackle that day. I write these down because I find it extremely satisfying to strike out an item on my to-do list.

I have found that To-Do Lists only work for me if I am diligent about updating them. I try to make sure that I add any action items that come out of meetings or calls to my list immediately. I also update my Google Task list at the end of each day based on what I completed during the day.


3) How do you manage a little one while working?

It’s really hard to manage a little one while working. Some days it goes relatively well, and other days it doesn’t. I try to distract Halle as much as possible with activities, toys, baths, snacks, and whatever else will keep her occupied. I find spending quality time with her before, after my work day also helps her to manage during the day when I can’t give her as much attention. Halle is young enough that she still goes for a nap almost every day – naps are my saving grace!


4) What keeps you sharp and free of distractions?

Staying healthy – a good night’s sleep, lots of water, healthy food, exercise. I find if I’m not following a routine in terms of my health, I’m far more likely to get foggy, distracted and I find it more difficult to show up for work and life.

Overall, routine and habit are important to me, so I do make a conscious effort to do the things I’ve mentioned above, however, I don’t do them all the time. Sometimes, a day gets away from me before I have a chance to write a good to-do list. These are things I strive to do consistently, but I don’t always succeed.