13 Feb

How You Doin’? – Smooth Advice to Pick-up your Job Search & Recruitment Game

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Valentine’s Day is on the way and so for all you job seekers & singles, lovebirds & dream-job finders this one is for you 😉

I have a problem. You know that work “hat” that is hard to take off? That piece about you that is a little too ingrained at times and creeps its way into your personal life? Well I’ll just admit it; I’m a boyfriend interviewer. My girlfriends will introduce me to their new boyfriend or someone they are dating and I’ll rapid fire questions at the poor guy. Now I’d like to hope I’m not police interrogation, light over their head, intense about it and I’d like to think I’m pretty conversational, chill and low key about it.. but sometimes it’s just too easy and before I know it I’ve gone through their work history, family, interests, what they like about my friend and the list goes on! Fortunately, my girlfriends are good sports and secretly appreciate hearing the answers I get.

This got me thinking about some of the ties between relationships and recruitment. Neither is an exact science but fit is definitely critical. Now I’m no Miss Lonelyhearts, but here is how your dating smarts can help you remember some key tips for recruiting as a hiring manager or searching for work as a candidate:

  • How YOU Doin’? Whether you’re out on the town and some “smooth” talker lays a ridiculous pick-up line on you or you’re sitting on LinkedIn and a salesy recruiter sends a canned message, neither feels particularly excellent. You may be flattered for a second but the yuck factor quickly creeps in. Sincerity is key! A genuine compliment is much better received just like a sincere & personalized LinkedIn message with context.
  • Transitions & Track Record: Reputations are important and if someone has a poor track record in work or in relationships that will send up red flags! That’s why it is important to find out as much as possible in the early stages to avoid problems, “I told you so,” and heartache later. Check references for candidates & ask credible sources you trust for more information.
  • Creeping: Whether it’s on LinkedIn, Facebook or in person, it’s going to happen. Someone is going to creep your profile and may reach out. In any situation it’s all about how you handle it. When you’re committed it’s important to have a strong sense of that and be able to firmly indicate you’re not interested. No need to be rude but being firm is the best approach to shut down unwanted advances. It is also good to be open and honest with your employer when it happens.
  • Going the Extra Mile: Courting a new hire and starting to see someone are alike in the sense that everyone is still getting to know each other and you need to devote time to the process. This is also the assessment phase from both sides so going the extra mile to stand out as a candidate, employer or in a relationship will help show that you are truly interested.
  • Importance of Communication: Keeping one another engaged is critical in the recruitment process and in a new relationship. When starting out in a relationship or employment relationship communication is especially key! The other person needs to know you’re interested and the same goes for candidates. If you leave them wondering what’s going on or never call them back that doesn’t help anyone. As tough as it may seem – let the person know as soon as possible if you’re not interested or don’t see this going further. Give context as to why whenever possible.

At the end of the day, fit is crucial. Don’t be afraid to look outside the box to find a fit. As an employer you may have a checklist of all the skills you want or you may have a checklist for all the attributes you are seeking in a partner. Changing your perspectives even a little bit could make the difference between staying too narrow and finding that perfect fit.

I hope you enjoyed this read! Feel free to leave me a comment below 🙂

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