25 Oct
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The Power of Plants in the Workplace

by Cara Joseph in Healthy Workplace 0 comments

In my life I’m surrounded by people who share a common love for plants, never having much of a green thumb myself I live vicariously through their greenery while appreciating the aesthetic it adds to a space. What I’ve learned however is plants hold more power than just brightening up a room, especially in a workplace!  For numerous people majority of our time and most of our week is spent indoors, in the workplace. Limited access to fresh air and getting outside means it’s worth reviewing our current environments and exploring options to ensure we make the most out of them. Indoor plants are one way to aid the cabin fever in our offices when those lunch time walks are just not possible and brighten up the workplace on those days that feel gloomy. In addition to the aesthetic appeal the greenery adds, plants are a relatively inexpensive way to provide positive benefits for employees and their organisations.

Increased Productivity
Researchers have observed that having plants in the workplace increases overall productivity and boosts focus and concentration levels. In a study observing desk jobs, productivity increased by between 10%-15% when introducing plants into their work spaces!

Reduced Stress Levels
Numerous studies have been conducted and presented that having plants in the workplace reduces stress-related conditions such as anxiety, depression, fatigue, anger and hostility. The reduction of stress then contributes to an increase in the health of employees meaning few absences and sick days in the office.

Cleaner Air
Plants release more oxygen into the air, while reducing excess carbon dioxide, they improve the air quality of a workplace because they absorb pollutants, dust and more that are in the air.  Cleaner Air = Clearer Minds.

Minimize Noise Levels
By absorbing sounds plants help to reduce the distracting effects of background noise such as office chatter, photocopy machines and keyboard clicking.

Positive Ambiance
Biophilia hypothesis suggests that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. The addition of plants and greenery in the workplace are aesthetically pleasing and welcoming to those entering your office whether they are clients, customers or job applicants!

So Which Plants are Best?

For plants that will thrive in your office and best of all are low-maintenance consider one of the following:

  1. Devil’s Ivy
  2. Spider Plant
  3. Cactus
  4. Aloe
  5. Snake Plants